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Largo S Digital

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Largo S Digital

Largo S 75 Ohm Very Low Noise digital connects from the coaxial digital output socket of a CD player or transport to the digital input of a Digital to Analogue converter.

Largo S 75 Ohm Very Low Noise digital is designed for use in high end music playing systems where clean, clear sound quality is essential. It offers a superb upgrade over the lower price Operetta 75 Ohm low noise digital cable, with quieter background and clearer and more defined sound.

Largo S 75 Ohm Very Low Noise digital is made from a very high quality 75 Ohm coaxial cable that is provided with a higher level of RFI and EMI screening than Operetta to deliver a much more natural sound with an even quieter background.

Largo S 75 Ohm very low noise digital can be supplied with a choice of either RCA to RCA or BNC to BNC terminations.

Largo S 75 Ohm Low Noise RCA is fitted with Graham Nalty Straight Line Contact GN4 RCA plugs. The Straight Line Contact between the return conductor and socket has been chosen from listening tests that showed Straight Line Contact connectors can deliver a large uplift in sound quality compared to high quality connectors with a circumferential connection of the return conductor.

The GN4 plugs are plated in rhodium. In listening tests, rhodium plated connectors give a cleaner sound than gold that can add excitement to the presentation of the music.

Largo S 75 Ohm Low Noise BNC digital is terminated with the new Black Rhodium BNC connectors fitted with gold plated pins for long life without tarnishing.

Largo S 75 ohm very Low Noise digital cable can be supplied in 1 metre and 1.5 metre lengths.