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By Function - Power Cables Libra 13A/Schuko/Fo8/IEC
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Libra 13A/Schuko/Fo8/IEC

Regular price £120.00

Libra 13A/Schuko - IEC

1.7m in length, choice of 13A 3 pin plug, or Schuko from power end, to IEC or figure of 8 connector device end.

Libra is a high quality mains power cable specially designed to be used with low power audio equipment.

Libra can be used in music systems to improve the sound quality of all equipment that has been supplied with a mains lead in the box.

Libra is based on extensive development of high quality mains leads for powering hi-fi systems.

Specification below:

  • Conductors – 16 x 0.2mm tinned copper
  • Conductor size – 0.5sq mm – 20 gauge
  • Insulation – Silicone rubber type GPC
  • Cable outer diameter – 8.5mm
  • Current Rating – 5A